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Note: Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.1 is under development. The wiki page UCS 4.1 Development gives an overview of the upcoming minor release.
Produktlogo UCS Version 4.1

This page describes the development status of UCS 4.1 and provides an excerpt of the changes.

Changes for UCS 4.1 (excerpt)

UCS 4.1 is planned to be delivered with the following highlights:

  • Install Docker based Apps
  • Usability improvements for the App Center
  • App Rating
  • User self service for password reset
  • Single Sign-On to UCS management system via SAML
  • Linux Kernel 4.1
  • OpenLDAP Update
  • Samba 4.3

A complete list can be found in the Univention Bugzilla linked at the Milestones section:

Release Goals


Timeline Description Open tasks QA tasks All tasks
2015-10-06 UCS 4.1 Milestone 1 Open Tasks QA Tasks

All Tasks

2015-11-03 UCS 4.1 Release Candidate

Open Tasks

QA Tasks

All Tasks

November 2015 UCS 4.1 Release

Open Tasks

QA Tasks

All Tasks


Please note: Due to work in progress the update may fail or bugs may happen later on. The testing online repository is not ready for production use!


Pre releases of UCS 4.1 ISO images can be found here according to the availability stated in the timeline: https://updates-test.software-univention.de/download/UCS-4.1-MS1/


https://updates-test.software-univention.de provides an online repository containing a current development snapshot of all currently available UCS 4.1 packages. To update an existing UCS 4.0-3 to UCS 4.1 perform the following steps

ucr set repository/online/server=updates-test.software-univention.de

App Center

Not all Apps have been ported to the 4.1 App Center. The untested Apps are still in the Test App Center and can be tested at your own risk. The Test App Center can be activated on your system as follows:

 ucr set repository/app_center/server=appcenter-test.software-univention.de

Source Packages

The source packages of UCS 4.1 are available here.

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