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| 2014-08-12
| 2014-08-12
| UCS 3.2-3
| [http://forum.univention.de/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=3419 UCS 3.2-3]
| 2014-11-11
| 2014-11-11

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Note: Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 3.2 has been released. The wiki page UCS 3.2 Development gives an overview of the minor release.
Produktlogo UCS Version 3.2

This page describes the current development status of UCS 3.2 and provides an excerpt of the upcoming changes.

Patchlevel Releases

UCS will receive regular patchlevel releases that include all errata updates. Please find the schedule below:

Timeline Description
2014-02-17 UCS 3.2-1
2014-05-15 UCS 3.2-2
2014-08-12 UCS 3.2-3
2014-11-11 UCS 3.2-4

For more information concerning minor and major releases, please refer to the Maintenance Cycle for UCS.

Changes (excerpt) for UCS 3.2

UCS 3.2 was planned to be delivered with the following highlights:

  • Revise the UCS and the management system overview sites: The pages have been cleaned and revised completely to match modern and common designs. Affected were the UCS overview page that can be reached directly pointing the webbrowser to the server and the overview page of the management system that is shown directly after login.
  • Revise the software monitor module and adjust it to the modern design.
  • Single Sign-On and crosslinks to the UCS management system of other UCS systems. Once logged in to the UCS management system, an administrator can walk over to another UCS system without re-login due to Single Sign-On.
  • Support for SAML: through an App in Univention App Center. The app provides a SAML identity provider and it is possible to define what users are available for which service provider. This allows, e.g., the authentication to Google Apps for Business with the UCS domain credentials.
  • Provide UCS system components as Apps in the App Center. Those components are for example AD Connector, the Active directory compatible domain controller provided by Samba, the management server for a virtualization environment and the virtualization servers XEN and KVM, etc.
  • Synchronize directory service schema to domain controllers: Until UCS 3.1 directory schema extensions had to be installed to the domain controller master. This highlight enables UCS to add schema extensions on domaincontroller backups and slaves through join scripts.
  • Show more information messages to users of the App Center: With UCS 3.1 there are not many possibilities to display information about apps upon installation or update. With UCS 3.2 it is possible to display vendor information to the administrator upon installation and update of apps.
  • Support of VLAN, Bonding and Bridges: They can be configured via Univention Configuration Registry since UCS 3.1. Now this configuration can be done via a separate extension in the UCS management system.
  • Support for NFSv4 and Kerberos for file shares in the UCS management system and make it the default option for file shares. This increases the security for file shares in a UCS environment.
  • Update of the VirtIO and GPLPV drivers. The drivers are needed for the virtualization of Microsoft Windows in KVM and XEN environments.
  • Update Apps to UCS 3.2
  • Update of core components, e.g.:
    • New Linux Kernel 3.10
    • Update of OpenLDAP to version 2.4.35
    • Update of Samba 4 to version 4.1
    • Update Debian Basis to Debian 6.0.8 point update

Release Goals


Timeline Description Open tasks QA tasks All tasks
2013-08-26 UCS 3.2 Milestone 1 Open Tasks QA Tasks

All Tasks

2013-09-30 UCS 3.2 Milestone 2

Open Tasks

QA Tasks

All Tasks

2013-11-04 UCS 3.2 Release Candidate

Open Tasks

QA Tasks

All Tasks

2013-11-18 UCS 3.2 Release

Open Tasks

QA Tasks

All Tasks

Download and Installation

Please refer to the Quickstart Guide for Download and Installation of UCS.

Source Code

The source code of UCS 3.2 can be retrieved via WebSVN frontend or by checking out from public SVN repository:

 svn checkout http://forge.univention.org/svn/dev/branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-0/
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