UCS@school 3.2 R2 Development

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Note: UCS@school 3.2 R2 has been released and is available through Univention App Center. The wiki page UCS@school 3.2 R2 Development gives an overview of the release.
Produktlogo UCS@School Version 3.2 R2

This page describes the current development status of UCS@school 3.2 R2 and provides an excerpt of the upcoming changes.

Upcoming changes (excerpt)

UCS@school 3.2 R2 is planned to be delivered with the following highlights:

  • User mass import from csv files via wizard in UCS management system
  • Display name for school OUs: For each school location a free defined display name can be set
  • Support school administration domain controllers in the UCS@school configuration wizard
  • Control the access of teachers to student home directories in the UCS management system
  • Automatic pre selection of the computer room in the computer room management
  • Improve stability in iTALC
  • Extend documentation, e.g. scale UCS@school at school locations with additional UCS systems


Timeline Description
Week 17 UCS@school 3.2 R2 Milestone Release
2014-05-15 UCS@school 3.2 R2 Release Candidate
End of May 2014 UCS@school 3.2 R2 Release
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