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Note: UCS@school 3.2 R2 has been released and is available through Univention App Center. The wiki page UCS@school 3.2 R2 Development gives an overview of the release.
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This page describes the current development status of UCS@school 3.2 R2 and provides an excerpt of the upcoming changes.

Upcoming changes (excerpt)

UCS@school 3.2 R2 is planned to be delivered with the following highlights:

User mass import from CSV files via wizard in UCS management system
UCS@school allows the creation of user accounts via mass import from a CSV file already for a long time. CSV files are the preferred way for user import and work for almost every school administration software that holds student and teacher profile information. The new wizard increases the comfort for such import tasks. The CSV file does not need the columns in a certain order. It allows to define which column contains which user account attribute. Furthermore, the wizard checks for duplicates or other potential import errors and allows an administrator to take care of them before the import.
UCS@school configuration wizard will support school administration domain controllers
A UCS@school environment allows two network areas, the school administration and the education area. The UCS@school configuration wizard took only care of the education area before. With the new release, such domain controllers can be set up with the configuration wizard. This will simplify the environment setup and considers the possibilities UCS@school offers out-of-the-box.
Control the access of teachers to student home directories in the UCS management system
Requested by a lot of teachers this feature will allow a teacher to access the students home directory to e.g. collect left over or forgotten homework or give direkt support to the student with additional information. The access can be configured.
Display name for school organizational units (OUs). For each school location a free defined display name can be set
UCS@school organises the school in organizational units whose names are pre-definied by the environment and cannot be changed afterwards. This feature allows the administrator to define a suiteable name for a school in the UCS management system.
Automatic pre selection of the computer room in the computer room management
The UCS@school management system allows a teacher to control a student computer room. The teacher will now find the computer room he is in already selected as soon as he opens the module in the UCS management system. This increases the user comfort and improves the usability.
Extend documentation
The documentation will be extended, for example with a description how to add addition UCS systems at a school location to the UCS@school environment. This will increase the scalibity of the UCS@school location environment, because services can be placed on dedicated UCS systems.


Timeline Description
2014-04-25 UCS@school 3.2 R2 Milestone Release
2014-05-15 UCS@school 3.2 R2 Release Candidate
2014-05-27 UCS@school 3.2 R2 Release
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