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Note: UCS@school 3.1 R2 has been released. The wiki page UCS@school 3.1 R2 Development gives an overview of the minor release.
Produktlogo UCS@School Version 3.1 R2

This page describes the current development status of UCS@school 3.1 R2 and provides an excerpt of the upcoming changes.

Upcoming changes (excerpt)

The following items provide an excerpt of the changes coming with UCS@school 3.1. A complete list can be found in the Univention Bugzilla. Please follow the links provided in the Milestones section.

Exam Mode
The exam mode allows teachers to create and end an exam situation for a computer room fast and easily. For example, the internet access is restricted, an attempt of deception is made more difficult by disallowing access to the user shares, materials for the exam may be distributed and exam results collected.
Stability of iTALC
The currently available iTALC version shows several problems with Microsoft Windows that especially cause instabilities. The behavior will be investigated closer and, if possible, it will be fixed.
Usability improvements
Extensive customer feedback about operation and administration of UCS@school will lead to numerous usability improvements in the product.


Timeline Description Open tasks QA tasks All tasks
KW 17 UCS@school 3.1 R2 Milestone 1 Open Tasks QA Tasks All Tasks
KW 21 UCS@school 3.1 R2 Release Candidate Open Tasks QA Tasks All Tasks
UCS@school 3.1 R2 Release Open Tasks QA Tasks All Tasks


UCS@school 3.1 R2 has been released. Please refer to the UCS@school Quickstart Guide for test and evaluation.

  • UCS@school 3.1 R2 requires UCS 3.1.
  • First of all a master domain controller based on UCS 3.1 needs to be installed.
  • UCS@school 3.1 R2 is installed through the Univention App Center. The application is called "UCS@school 3.1 R2".
  • After installation a new UMC module "UCS@school configuration wizard" is shown that has to be run to complete the configuration of UCS@school.

Source Code

The source code of UCS@school 3.1 R2 can be retrieved via WebSVN frontend or by checking out from public SVN repository:

 svn checkout http://forge.univention.org/svn/dev/branches/ucs-3.1/ucs-school-r2/
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