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Note: Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 2.0 has been released. The wiki page UCC 2.0 Development gives an overview of the development related information.
Produktlogo UCC Version 2.0

This article holds information about the upcoming UCC 2.0 release.

Upcoming changes (excerpt)

UCC 2.0 is planned to be delivered with the following highlights:

Update the base to Kubuntu 14.04 LTS
UCC benefits from the improvements made in Kubuntu and gains better hardware support for younger hardware devices, e.g. thin clients and notebooks.
xrdp support
xrdp is responsible for providing a Linux desktop over the remote desktop protocol (RDP). UCC provides its Linux desktop via terminal services to thin clients operated with UCC via RDP. The UCC terminal service can be accessed with a usual RDP client, e.g. in UCC or even the built-in client in Microsoft Windows or on a tablet computer.
Wizard for UCC rollout in the UCS management system
The new wizard will guide the administrator through the steps to rollout UCC on desktops or thin clients and thus simplifies the rollout process itself.
Wizard for UCC image management in the UCS management system
The new wizard will help the administrator to organize the UCC images for desktops and thin clients and keep the overview.
UEFI support
UCC will support endpoint devices that offer UEFI support for boot.
Boot variant for local boot
Local boot is a new boot variant for UCC in the UCS management system. UCC systems configured for local boot will start directly from their local storage. It decreases the necessary boot time, because no network boot requests are made from clients configured in such a way.
Integration of apt sources via UCR variables
The definition of additional apt repositories via Univention configuration registry variables simplifies the usage of other components like UCS@school without modifying the underlying UCC image.
Simplified Citrix Receiver integration
The Citrix Receiver client can be selected in the UCC rollout wizard and is thus easier to provision in a UCC environment.
Fix several smaller bugs to improve UCC.


Timeline Description
2014-04-30 UCC 2.0 Beta Release
2014-05-30 UCC 2.0 Release Candidate
2014-06-12 UCC 2.0 Final Release
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