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This article holds information about the upcoming UCC 2.0 release that are intended to be published to the public Univention wiki. The items listed below are a summary of the release goals in Bugzilla.

Upcoming changes (excerpt)

UCC 2.0 is planned to be delivered with the following highlights:

  • Update the base to Kubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • xrdp support. In UCC it is used to provide the UCC Linux desktop via terminal services to thin clients operated with UCC using the remote desktop protocol (RDP).
  • Assistent for UCC rollout in the UCS management system
  • Assistent for UCC image management in the UCS management system
  • UEFI support
  • Boot variant for local boot
  • Integration of apt sources via UCR variables
  • Simplified Citrix Receiver integration
  • Bugfixes


Timeline Description
2014-04-30 UCC 2.0 Beta Release
2014-05-30 UCC 2.0 Release Candidate
2014-06-12 UCC 2.0 Final Release
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