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#REDIRECT [[App Center Developer Guide]]
After all that reading, you want to get your App into App Center? Great!
= Univention Self Service =
We have a service where you can upload your App into the Test App Center (Univention Self Service). This is something like a beta channel where you can test your App before users can see it and install it in their production environments.
To get an account, just send an e-mail to <appcenter@univention.de> and tell us your name, e-mail, organization. We will create an account for you. Your account's password is chosen by you. Just go to [https://apps.software-univention.de/univention-self-service/?lang=de-DE#passwordreset]. After that, you can
log in to: [https://apps.software-univention.de/univention-management-console/#module=appcenter-selfservice::0:].
All your Apps are listed in the module. You can also create a new App. Clicking on an App will reveal all available versions across all UCS versions.
[[File:appcenter-self-service-add-app.png|thumb|Adding a first App to the Self Service]]
;''Note'': In fact, not across all UCS versions. This module only supports UCS 4.1 and higher; Apps for older releases are not managed.
Clicking on one version will open the settings for this particular App version. You may upload ini files, packages, logos, etc.
[[File:appcenter-self-service-upload.png|thumb|Self Service interface for uploading files. Possible actions on the left]]
After you changed something, you can publish this App in the Test App Center. This is done without any interaction from Univention. You may install and test your App immediately.
To actually install the App from the Test App Center, you need a running UCS (see [[Testing]]). You also need to activate the Test App Center and deactivate some security features (packages from the Test App Center are not signed by Univention!). Use
univention-install univention-appcenter-dev;
univention-app dev-use-test-appcenter
for this.
;''Note'': If you feel the module is not powerful enough, you can send feedback to appcenter@univention.de.
== Controlling the Self Service from the command line ==
The module can be used by calling a script. This is great for integrating Univention Self Service into your build chain.
One advantage of using the module is that it gives you easy access to the App as it would look like in the App Center. As good presentation is key to the success of an App, you should still use the module from time to time.
[[File:appcenter-self-service-preview.png|thumb|Self Service preview buttons below an App version]]

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