Overview of needed harddrive space per UCS role for UCS 3.x

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This article offers an overview over the needed harddrive space for each UCS 3.1 system role. The size is determined after the first start and the successful domain join of the system. During updates and throug log files more space will be required as indicated in the list. The difference between i386 and amd64 is too small, so no differentiation was made ​​between them.

The standard packages are described below. For the minimal installation, the DC Master was installed with the UDM and each system was installed with the UMC.

System role Standard installation Minimal installation
DC Master 2.5 GB 1.1 GB
DC Backup 2.5 GB 1.1 GB
DC Slave 2.3 GB 1.1 GB
Memberserver 2.4 GB 1.1 GB
Base system 800 MB 800 MB

Standard packages for each system role

Package DC Master DC Backup DC Slave Memberserver Base system
Services for Windows
  Samba 4 X X
  Samba 3
  Univention AD Connector
System services
  Mail-Server (Postfix, Cyrus IMAPd)
  Webmailer (Horde 4)
  Print server
  Web-Proxy-Server (Squid)
  Bacula (Backup)
  Network monitoring (Nagios) X
  Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)
  Xen virtualization server
  KVM virtualization server
Administrative toosl
  Univention Directory Manager X X
  Univention Management Console X X X X
  Univention Software Monitor
Desktop Environment
  Graphical user interface X X X X
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