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Univention always receives an estranged notification for statistical purposes upon installation and uninstallation of an App in Univention App Center that is only saved at Univention for data processing and will not be forwarded to any third party except the App Provider.

This data is sent by email to the Provider.

An App will send this notification to the App Provider by default. If not wanted, it needs to be unset in the Provider Portal.
The email will be sent to your Contact email as specified in the Provider Portal. You can also set a dedicated email address just for the notifications.

As a result the application vendor regularly receives a message from Univention with the following information:

  • Name of the installed application
  • Registered email address

The description of every application includes a respective indication for such cases and is shown before installation.

The email address is verified by Univention by sending an updated UCS license key with so-called key identification (Key ID) to this address. The license is required for the installation of the App.

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