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Depending on your current infrastructure it might be desirable to keep some or all of the current data and permissions. Depending on the system you are coming from there are different approaches. This article's aim is to give you an overview of the different ways.

Migration from Microsoft Active Directory

If you are planning to rollout new clients or have the possibility to rejoin all clients to a new installation, Active Directory Connection is your way to go. It will migrate all the necessary user information and passwords without moving the computers. To migrate the computers it is possible to use group policy scripts within the AD domain which rejoin the client to the UCS Domain.

If you need to keep your computer accounts while moving to UCS the only way is to join your Samba 4 to your Microsoft Active Directory. The article Join Samba 4 to an AD describes how to join Samba 4 to an excising Microsoft Active Directory. Please note that the article was only tested for a specific environment and should first be tried in a save environment before applying it to the production systems.

Migration from a different Samba 3 with LDAP Backend

The migration from Samba 3 to UCS with Samba 3 is described in the article Migrate Existing Samba 3 Installations to UCS 3 with Samba 3.

If you are planning to migrate to Samba 4 it is advisable to first migrate to Samba 3 and then follow the guide Update to UCS 3.0 Samba 4.

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