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! style="background: #aaa;" | Maintenance <br> until
! style="background: #aaa;" | Maintenance <br> until
| colspan="3" style="background-color: #DDDDDD; text-align: center;" | '''[[Univention Corporate Client]]'''
| colspan="3" style="background-color: #DDDDDD; text-align: center;" | '''Major version 1'''
| UCC 1.0
| UCC 1.0

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This article describes the maintenance cycles for Univention Corporate Client (UCC). An overview about the Maintenance Cycles can be found in a seperate article.

UCC maintenance cycle rules

Produktlogo UCC

Univention Corporate Client is based upon Kubuntu Longterm Support (LTS) releases and follows similar maintenance cycles.

  • The maintenance cycle of a UCC version ends 6 months after the release of the following version.

Maintenance cycle overview

The following table gives an overview about the currently maintained Univention Corporate Client versions.

Release Maintenance
Major version 1
UCC 1.0 Feb 18, 2013
  • 6 months after the release of UCC 1.1
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