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Starting with version 5.2.7-3 the Horde App for UCS is available as Docker App. New installations automatically using this Docker App.

To update an existing non-Docker Horde App to the new Docker Horde App a manual migration has to be done. Basically, Horde on the server (Docker host) is removed and installed in a new Docker container. Directories with horde data are mapped to the container and the container continues to use the database on the Docker host.

  • Save Horde UCR settings, prepare Horde App removal
    ucr search --brief ^horde > /opt/horde-settings.txt
    cp -rf /etc/horde /opt/horde-conf
    apt-mark manual univention-mail-server
    apt-mark manual univention-postgresql
  • Remove Horde App
    univention-app remove horde
    ucr unset appcenter/prudence/docker/horde
  • Install Horde Docker App
    univention-app update
    univention-app register
    univention-app install horde
  • Verify Horde UCS settings in Docker container
    univention-app shell horde ucr search --brief horde

Further configurations (/etc/horde) or modifications of UCR settings now have to be done in the container. To change into the container the command

univention-app shell horde

can be used.

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