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Fetchmail user settings

Fetchmail is an open source mail retrieval and forwarding program. Mails are retrieved from remote mailservers and are forwarded to the local machine's delivery system, so they can be read using mail user agent. Fetchmail can be run as a daemon to constantly poll multiple servers at a specifed interval.


Fetchmail is available through the App Center and can be installed using the corresponding UMC App Center module.


User Setup

Configuring the settings for each user is done in Univention Management Console's Users module (see screenshot on this page). The settings can be found in the Remote mail retrieval section on the Advanced settigs tab when editing a user. Username and password should be set to the user credentials on the mailserver. As protocol IMAP or POP3 can be chosen. The mail server address has to be entered in the field Remote mail server. Two checkboxes configure if the connection to the remote server should be encrypted using SSL/TLS and if mails retrieved by fetchmal should be kept on the server or be deleted.

Enabling and disabling fetchmail

Fetchmail can be enabled or disabled by changing the UCR variable fetchmail/enabled to the desired value, i.e. true or false

Known Issues


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