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Work in Progess

Starting with version 1.6.0 the Etherpad-lite App for UCS is available as Docker App. New installations automatically using this Docker App.

To update an existing non-Docker Etherpad-lite App to the new Docker Etherpad-lite App a manual migration has to be done.

The following steps are necessary to migrate the non-Docker Etherpad-lite App to Docker:

Check if docker works on the host

Run the following command to verify docker works, before starting the migration:

docker run hello-world

If this test fails, please contact the Univention Support or check the Univention Forum [1] for more information.

Prepare native Etherpad-lite App

# backup etherpad-lite directory and database
cp -rf /opt/etherpad-lite /opt/etherpad-lite.backup
su postgres -c "pg_dump etherpad-lite" > /opt/etherpad-lite.database.backup

Remove native Etherpad-lite App

univention-app remove etherpad-lite
univention-install univention-postgresql-9.1
ucr unset appcenter/prudence/docker/etherpad-lite

Install Docker Etherpad-lite App

univention-app update
univention-app install etherpad-lite

Both, the native and the Docker App are using a PostgreSQL database on the Docker host. With this default configuration no data migration steps are necessary, the docker App continues to use the hosts etherpad-lite database.

The Docker App start with a new settings.json, APIKEY.txt and SESSIONKEY.txt. Further configurations have to be done in the container from now on. Use the following command to change into the new Etherpad-lite App container:

univention-app shell etherpad-lite
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