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An App may ship additional files along with the ini file. These are not scripts as Docker Apps/Container Scripts, just plain text files.

An environment file used during the creation of the Docker Container. It contains static configuration options passed to the container via docker create ... --env ${env}. See the Docker Documentation. UCR variables can be used with the following syntax:
@%@<ucr variable name>@%@
For example:
  • @%@ldap/server@%@
  • @%@hostname@%@
This file contains Settings definitions. If this file is present, there will be a form before the installation of the App and/or after the installation on a separate page within the App Center module ("App Settings").
A schema extension for LDAP. This is useful if you want to, e.g., extend the user objects of UCS by an attribute like "This user may use the App" (see Section Integration with UCS/Join). The file will be copied to the Docker Host's /usr/share/univention-appcenter/apps/APPID/APPID.schema during installation. See the LDAP documentation for the syntax of a schema file. If you need an "official" OID namespace, Univention can provide one. It is important to note that shipping this file alone is not enough. You need to register it in the join script (see Section Docker Apps/Container Scripts) via ucs_registerLDAPExtension "$@" --schema "/usr/share/univention-appcenter/apps/$APP/$APP.schema".


There are two directories that are created for every App before actually installing it:


These directories may be used for any purpose. For Docker Apps, they are mounted into the container at the same place as read-write. See also Docker Apps/Persistent Data.

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