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Docker with UCS

Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers.


docker packages can be installed with the following commands

ucr set repository/online/component/docker=enabled \

After that, docker is ready to use:

~# docker -v
Docker version 1.3.2, build 39fa2fa

A UCS docker image can be downloaded by the following command

docker pull univention/ucs-4.0-1-generic-amd64

Then, a new UCS docker container can be started in the following way

docker run -d -e rootpwd=univention --hostname=dockertest \
   --name=dockertest -e nameserver1="$(ucr get nameserver1)" \
    -p 8011:80 univention/ucs-4.0-1-generic-amd64:latest /sbin/init

A shell in the docker container can be started by

docker exec -it dockertest /bin/bash

The started docker container can easily be configured through the web based appliance setup wizard. In the example above the port 8011 of the docker host is redirected to the port 80 of the container. Thus, the HTTP port of the docker container can reached by typing http://<IP of the docker host>:8011.

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