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If something goes wrong really badly (like the installation of packages fails), the App Center tries to revert the installation. In case of the installation of Docker Apps, it will remove the the container.

This means you cannot look into it to see what exactly happened. For testing purposes you may use the undocumented options --do-not-revert:

univention-app install myapp --do-not-revert

This will leave you with a running, yet somewhat "unconfigured" container. You may now login into this container by doing

univention-app shell myapp

This will open /bin/bash in the container. If your container does not support this, you can still use the "hard way":

CONTAINER="$(ucr get appcenter/apps/myapp/container)"
docker exec "$CONTAINER" ...

Maybe it is sufficient to look into the log files to know what went wrong. Important log files are:

  • /var/log/univention/appcenter.log
  • /var/log/univention/management-console-module-appcenter.log (if you installed the App via the UMC module - which is actually a good idea as users will install it that way, too).
  • /var/log/docker.log
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