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Univention Quality Criteria for Recommended Apps in a Professional Environment

Catalog Overview: Example Kopano

Apps with the "Recommended Apps" award meet the following quality criteria. The criteria are aimed at use in a professional environment. The functional scope of the software solution is not evaluated. The criteria serve as guidelines for the decision at Univention.

  1. The app can be installed and uninstalled cleanly and does not alter the UCS system against the rules.
  2. Univention is not aware of any open security vulnerabilities for the app or the app provider has promised to remedy the vulnerabilities soon. In principle, Univention does not carry out any active security monitoring for apps in the App Center. If Univention becomes aware of security vulnerabilities, the App provider will be informed and a deadline for an update will be agreed upon.
  3. The version of the software solution offered in the App Center is maintained by the app provider. 
  4. If the software solution requires user accounts to identify users, the app uses UCS Identity Management as a source of user accounts.
  5. The app provider makes updates of its software for the app available regularly and promptly to UCS via the App Center.
  6. If the app provider offers update paths for its software solution, the app also supports these update paths.
  7. The app vendor ensures that the app deploys its software solution to new UCS versions within a short period of time, ensuring that administrators can update UCS.
  8. Commercial support is available for the app.
  9. The app has been available in the App Center for at least 3 months.
  10. For the app, there are virtual app appliances that are linked on the app vendor's website for download. This makes commissioning the app on UCS extremely easy.
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