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After the migration to Samba 4 the profile path is saved on a per user base. To mass convert the profile path of existing users to one server, you can find a script in the cool-solutions repository.

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After including the cool-solutions repository you can install the package as root with:

univention-install univention-set-samba4-profile-path

Mass Converting Existing Users

The script allows you to set the profile path for all existing users. The following command, executed as root, can be used to set the profile path

/usr/lib/univention-set-samba4-profile-path/ profile-server-fqdn

Afterwards Samba 4 will look for the profile of all users on the given server in the /home/"username"/profile

Change a Single User

To set the profile path for a single user run the following command as root user on the UCS Master:

univention-directory-manager users/user modify --dn "<user dn>" --set 'profilepath=\\<server name>\path\to\profile'

To remove the the profile path use the following command:

univention-directory-manager users/user remove --dn "<user dn>" --set 'profilepath=\\<server name>\path\to\profile'
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