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After the migration to Samba 4 the profile path is saved on a per user base. To mass convert the profile path of existing users to one server, you can find a script in the cool-solutions repository.

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After including the cool-solutions repository you can install the package as root with:

univention-install univention-set-samba4-profile-path

Mass Converting Existing Users

The script univention-set-samba4-profile-path.sh allows you to set the profile path for all existing users. The following command, executed as root, can be used to set the profile path

/usr/lib/univention-set-samba4-profile-path/univention-set-samba4-profile-path.sh profile-server-fqdn <ou>

Afterwards Samba 4 will look for the profile of all users on the given server in the /home/"username"/profile

Change a Single User

To set the profile path for a single user run the following command as root user on the UCS Master:

univention-directory-manager users/user modify --dn "<user dn>" --set 'profilepath=\\<server name>\path\to\profile'

To remove the the profile path use the following command:

univention-directory-manager users/user remove --dn "<user dn>" --set 'profilepath=\\<server name>\path\to\profile'
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