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This page has been moved to the Knowledge Base Cool Solutions in the Forum.
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The package '''univention-printer-assignment''' adds the functionality to your system to assign different printers to selected groups (containing Windows clients) without connecting other printers from the domain to the list of available printers in Windows. If no group contains specific printers, all available printers are connected to the Windows system and leaves the choice of the default printer to the user.
== Installation ==
[https://help.univention.com/t/cool-solution-printer-assignment/11780 Cool Solution - Printer assignment]
To add the printer assignment to your environment, the package '''univention-printer-assignment''' and the accompanying schema package must be installed on the DC Master:
univention-install univention-printer-assignment univention-printer-assignment-schema
After the installation the provided join script must be run:
== Configuration ==
Now printers can be assigned to groups, which hold the Windows clients as members, aswell as computer objects. To add printers to a computer or a group, open the '''[Advanced settings]''' tab and open the module '''Printer Assignment'''. Every printer here is added to the VBS script which is later run by the Windows client.
[[File:UCS-4-2-printer-assignment-group.png|200px|thumb|right|Assignment of a printer to the group "Computer room 1"]]
[[File:UCS-4-2-printer-assignment-computer.png|200px|thumb|right|Assignment of a printer to the computer "WIN7-PC"]]
'''Note:''' The drivers for the printers that you want to assign to your clients must be installed on the clients. Otherwise the printer can not be connected by Windows. You may also want to define a so called "point-and-print" policy in the Windows group policies, which allows users to install drivers locally (see [https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753269(v=ws.11).aspx here] for further information).
'''Note:''' If you experience difficulties you might also want to check out this [https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3170005 recent update from Microsoft] which may cause problems with network printing.
=== Netlogon scripts ===
To run the printer assignment script, a generic call line must be added to the logon script.
call %LOGONSERVER%\sysvol\<YOUR DOMAIN>\scripts\printerassignment\%COMPUTERNAME%.vbs
If you're still running Samba 3, a different call line must be used:
call %LOGONSERVER%\netlogon\printerassignment\%COMPUTERNAME%.vbs
''Hint:'' adjust the values according to your setting.
=== UCR variables ===
To get a full list of provided UCR variables and allowed values, search for UCR variables starting with '''printer/assignment''':
ucr search --verbose printer/assignment
=== Create a pdf printer server ===
A short example is described here, on how to setup a pdf printer server for a computer room:
* Install '''Print server (CUPS)''' form the App Center
* See [http://docs.software-univention.de/manual-4.2.html#pdf-printer Generating PDF documents from print jobs]
** install the package '''univention-printserver-pdf'''
** create a '''Generic CUPS-PDF Printer''' as described in the documentation, i.e. pdf
* Follow the section '''Configuration''' from above
** create a computer room group, i.e. room01
** attach the pdf printer as described above
** assign an already joined Windows client to the computer room group
* See [http://docs.software-univention.de/manual-4.2.html#print-services:winclients Mounting of print shares in Windows clients] and follow the steps very carefully
** execute '''printmanagement.msc''' with your Domain Administrator account
** at the step '''Add driver''' choose from '''Generic''' the '''MS Publisher Color Printer''' driver
* Follow the section '''Netlogon scripts''' from above
** or execute manually the '''vbs''' file from the samba share within the Windows client, which adds the pdf printer
<!-- The most important UCR variables are listed below.
==== Debug-mode ====
Prints each executed line in a separate window. Must be confirmed before the script continues.
UCR variable: printer/assignment/vbs/debug<br>
Allowed values: yes, no
==== Remove all ====
Removes all printers before adding new ones. If users are to choose their own default printer, this option should be turned off.
UCR variable: printer/assignment/vbs/removeall<br>
Allowed values: yes, no
==== Set default printer ====
If a group has a printer selected in the UMC, that printer is made the default printer, regardless of the user's setting.
UCR variable: printer/assignment/vbs/setdefaultprinter<br>
Allowed values: yes, no -->
== Archive ==
* There is a version of this article for [http://wiki.univention.de/index.php?title=Cool_Solution_-_Printer_assignment&oldid=13000 UCS 4.1].

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This page has been moved to the Knowledge Base Cool Solutions in the Forum.

Cool Solution - Printer assignment

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