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This page has been moved to the Knowledge Base Cool Solutions in the Forum.
{{Cool Solutions Disclaimer|Repository=yes}}
The package '''univention-printer-assignment''' adds the functionality to your system to assign different printers to selected groups (containing Windows clients) without connecting other printers from the domain to the list of available printers in Windows. If no group contains specific printers, all available printers are connected to the Windows system and leaves the choice of the default printer to the user.
[https://help.univention.com/t/cool-solution-printer-assignment/11780 Cool Solution - Printer assignment]
== Installation ==
To add the printer assignment to your environment, the package '''univention-printer-assignment''' must be installed on the DC Master:
univention-install univention-printer-assignment
After the installation the provided join script must be run:
== Configuration ==
Now printers can be assigned to groups, which holds the Windows clients as members. To add printers to a group, open the '''[Advanced settings]''' tab and open the module '''Printer Assignment'''. Every printer here is added to the VBS script which is later run by the Windows client.
[[File:Printerassign ucs 3-0.jpeg|200px|thumb|right|Assignment of a printer to the group Guests]]
=== Netlogon scripts ===
To run the printer assignment script, a generic call line must be added to the logon script. For a Samba 3 setup the path is:
call %LOGONSERVER%\netlogon\printerassignment\%COMPUTERNAME%.vbs
For a Samba 4 setup, the path is
call %LOGONSERVER%\sysvol\<YOUR DOMAIN>\printerassignment\%COMPUTERNAME%.vbs
''Hint:'' adjust the values according to your setting.
=== UCR variables ===
To get a full list of provided UCR variables and allowed values, search for UCR variables starting with '''printer/assignment''':
ucr search --verbose printer/assignment
<!-- The most important UCR variables are listed below.
==== Debug-mode ====
Prints each executed line in a separate window. Must be confirmed before the script continues.
UCR variable: printer/assignment/vbs/debug<br>
Allowed values: yes, no
==== Remove all ====
Removes all printers before adding new ones. If users are to choose their own default printer, this option should be turned off.
UCR variable: printer/assignment/vbs/removeall<br>
Allowed values: yes, no
==== Set default printer ====
If a group has a printer selected in the UMC, that printer is made the default printer, regardless of the user's setting.
UCR variable: printer/assignment/vbs/setdefaultprinter<br>
Allowed values: yes, no -->

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This page has been moved to the Knowledge Base Cool Solutions in the Forum.

Cool Solution - Printer assignment

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