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univention-ucc-truecrypt allows to mount encrypted truecrypt container on removable storage devices (USB) on UCC clients. If USB sticks with truecrypt container (standard name is secure.tct) are connected to the UCC client, a graphical password dialog will prompt for the password and the truecrypt container is mounted (on the standard mountpoint for removable storage devices).


On the UCC client, the package univention-ucc-truecrypt has to be installed.

apt-get install univention-ucc-truecrypt

Configuration of USB storage devices

The following command can be used to create a 1GB truecrypt container with the password "univention", the name "secure.tct" and the filesystem FAT.

-> truecrypt -t -c secure.tct \
   --volume-type=normal \
   --encryption=AES \
   --hash=RIPEMD-160 \
   -p univention \
   -k "" \
   --random-source=/dev/urandom \

UCR configuration

The behavior when mounting truecrypt containers can be configured through the following UCR variables on the UCC client:

  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/mount/options Mount options for the truecrypt device. (default: umask=0000)
  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/only If true, mount only devices with a truecrypt container. (default: false)
  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/container Name of the truecrypt container. (default: secure.tct)
  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/sessions Comma-separated list of xsessions where truecrypt devices are mounted.

Technical background

Known issues

  • At the moment, the integration of truecrypt devices is only supported in the XenApp Xsession (can be configured via ucc/usb/truecrypt/sessions).
  • If FAT is used as filesystem, the truecrypt container can have a size of maximum 4GB
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