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univention-ucc-truecrypt allows to mount encrypted truecrypt container on removable storage devices (USB) on UCC clients. If USB sticks with truecrypt container are connected to the UCC client, a graphical password dialog will prompt for the password and the truecrypt container is mounted (on the standard mountpoint for removable storage devices).


On the UCC client, the package univention-ucc-truecrypt has to be installed.

apt-get install univention-ucc-truecrypt

Configuration of USB storage devices

The following command can be used to create a 1GB truecrypt container with the password "univention", the name "secure.tct" and the filesystem FAT.

-> truecrypt -t -c secure.tct \
   --volume-type=normal \
   --encryption=AES \
   --hash=RIPEMD-160 \
   -p univention \
   -k "" \
   --random-source=/dev/urandom \

UCR configuration

The behavior when mounting truecrypt containers can be configured through the following UCR variables on the UCC client:

  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/mount/options Mount options for the truecrypt device. (default: umask=0000)
  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/only If true, mount only devices with a truecrypt container. (default: false)
  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/container Name of the truecrypt container. (default: secure.tct)
  • ucc/usb/truecrypt/sessions Comma-separated list of xsessions where truecrypt devices are mounted.

Technical background

Known issues

  • At the moment, the integration of truecrypt devices is only supported in the XenApp Xsession (can be configured via ucc/usb/truecrypt/sessions).
  • If FAT is used as filesystem, the truecrypt container can have a size of maximum 4GB
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