Cool Solution - Autologin to Terminalserver

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This article describes briefly how you can set up autologin to a rdp terminalserver for UCC Thinclients. Prerequesits:

  • UCS DC Master with installed modul UCC
  • A joined rdp terminalserver

Modify UCC image

First off all you need to download the patched RDP session script from ... Afterwards we will move it in the UCC image. Therefor you need to move the RDP-patched session script to the UCS DC Master. Login and mount the image as in section Modification of existing images desribed. Before chroot in the image move the the RDP-patched script to the image:

mv RDP-patched /mnt/img/usr/share/xsessions/

And copy the RDP.desktop file to RDP-patched.desktop file.

cp /mnt/img/usr/share/xsessions/RDP.desktop /mnt/img/usr/share/xsessions/RDP-patched.desktop

Unmount the image and create a new MD5 checksum so that the ucc can determine whether the image has been modified.

Set up clients in the Univention Management Console

Create a new polici wie hier zu sehen. Add

rdp/domainname Domain
lightdm/autologin/session RDP-patched
lightdm/autologin yes
rdp/server rdp-terminalserver
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