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The Univention Directory Manager can be configured with Univention Configuration Registry variables. For example the order of menu items can be changed or single elements can be hidden.

Default attribute, which is used for automatic searches

It is possible to change the default attribute that is searched for (defaults to name) in the assistant's search fields. This is achieved by changing the variable:


Whereas MODULENAME has to be replaced by the Univention Directory Manager's internal module name. A list of all available modules can be retrieved by running

udm modules

Examples: directory/manager/web/modules/computers/domaincontroller_backup/search/default=name directory/manager/web/modules/computers/domaincontroller_master/search/default=name

Configuration the automatic search

Using the default settings, upon opening a module in the Univention Directory Manager, an automatic search with the default attribute is started. This global behavior can be changed by editing the UCR variable:


When the value is set to 1, an automatic search is performed when opening a module. This setting is global for all udm modules.

To disable the automatic search for a specific module, use the follow UCR variable:


Configuration of default template

Since UCS 2.4-2 it is possible to set the default template when creating new users, by editing the Univention Configuration Registry variables



ucr set directory/manager/web/modules/users/user/add/default=" Groupware Account"

Configuration of attributes saved in cn/displayName

The LDAP attributes cn and displayName cannot be edited through the Univention Directory Manager and default to a combination of the user's first and last name. To change the default value , the following Univention Configuration variable must be changed (note, the new value must comply with the UDM syntax).


ucr set directory/manager/usercn/attributes="<lastname>, <firstname>"

Further information, can be obtained from the UCS manual, chapter 5.6.

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