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Apps may need access to the UCS certificate infrastructure or need to be aware of changes to the certificates. Staring with UCS 4.3 erratum 91 the Univention App Center provides a simple way to manage certificates inside an App.

The new App Center command is called update-certificates and should

When is update-certificates called?

update_certificates is automatically called during the installation and update of an App. But it can be called any time on the command line with:

# update all apps
-> univention-app update-certificates

# update app "abc"
-> univention-app update-certificates abc

What is being done in update-certificates?

All Apps

Every App can define a update_certificates' script. This script is executed on the UCS system (the docker Host) upon the App Center update-certificates

Docker/Container Apps

Additionally the following steps executed for container Apps:

  • The UCS root CA certificate is copied to /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ucs.crt inside the container
  • update-ca-certificates is executed inside the container (if existing)
  • The UCS root CA certificate is copied to /etc/univention/ssl/ucsCA/CAcert.pem inside the container
  • The docker host UCS certificate is copied to /etc/univention/ssl/docker-host-certificate/cert.pem|private.key and /etc/univention/ssl/$FQDN_DOCKER_HOST/cert.pem|private.key
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