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This article serves as a pointer to the different instructions on Installing the AD Management Tools on different Windows platforms. There are no differences in the installation to the installation in a Microsoft AD Domain.

Important Note: The article goes through the installation of software that utilizes features of Active Directory (AD) subsituting the AD functionality using UCS with Samba 4.

Please note that Univention does not provide support for the software, nor does Univention offer the described software or parts of it, e.g. the Active Directory schema. Licenses for the software described have to be obtained through the sales channels offered by the software vendor. Also regard the legal notes at Terms of Service.

Please acknowledge that "cool solution" tutorials are created with best intentions. It is provided as is, without any warranty and might not work in all given situations.

Windows 7

The remote management tools and their installation instruction can be found directly on the Microsoft Webpage: 

You will need to follow the "Install RSAT" instructions.

Windows XP

Likewise you can download the tools for Microsoft Windows XP directly from Microsoft

In addition you need to install the support tools

After installing both, you can use the tools found in "Start>Programs>Administrative Tools"

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