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The Univention Wiki complements the official product documentation of the Open Source products of the Univention GmbH.

The information includes for example technical notes, explanations of concepts or tutorials and program code examples. Such information is offered by Univention employees or others in this wiki with the intention to share experiences and useful additional information to make the work with Univention products easier.

The contents of the Univention Wiki are, however, not part of the official product documentation of Univention's products. Although we make imaginable effort and check carefully and conscientiously the information in this wiki, we cannot give any warranty that the provided information is correct, useful to achieve a certain goal or does not lead to mistakes or other issues during the use of our products. We explicitly point out that the outlined steps in this wiki may cause problems like loosing the support permission or the total failure of systems.

If during the handling of a support issue or for a work around of a specific problem the Univention support team guides you to a certain information in this wiki, the application of this information is always at one's own risk.

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