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This guide outlines the steps to test the 'HDX Ready compatibility' of a thin client running Univention Corporate Client when accessing Citrix XenApp terminal services.

This guide follows the certification document published by Citrix:

You need to download the Citrix XenDesktop 7.x HDX Ready Thin Client Test Kit available at the Citrix website

Setup of the Citrix environment

The Citrix server needs to be setup as outlined in the section Test Environment in the document XenDesktop7.x_HDXReady_TestKit_Nov2014.pdf.

You need XenApp 7.6; in earlier releases USB redirection is not supported when connecting to a XenApp session with the Linux version of Citrix Receiver.

Setup of a UCC client

You can setup a full Univention Corporate Client environment and configure Citrix XenApp following the UCC quick start guide (in Chapter 4.1 instead of RDP services, Citrix XenApp should be selected) and the the UCC manual.

If you only want to perform the HDX Ready certification, a simpler option is to perform the tests with a UCC live image booted from a USB stick or USB DVD drive. The following steps need to be made for this:

  • Download a UCC thin client live image from (at the time of writing ucc-2.0-rev2-thinclient-image.img.iso is the latest version)
  • Burn this image to a DVD or write it to a bootable USB stick
  • Every UCC system obtains it's IP address via DHCP. You need to configure the MAC address of the thin client to be certified, so that it receives an IP address.
  • Now boot the client with the DVD/USB stick using the "Live boot" option
  • Now the Citrix Receiver needs to be installed:
    • Run Firefox and download the Citrix Receiver 13.1 for 32 bit systems and the USB Support Package as DEB files from
    • Open a shell with System tools -> XTerm
    • Type su and enter the default root password univention
    • Run apt-get update
    • Run apt-get install univention-ucc-session-xenapp
    • Run dpkg -i icaclient_13.1.0.285639_i386.deb
    • Run dpkg -i ctxusb_2.4.285639_i386.deb

You can now access the Citrix session using the URL configured in Citrix Storefront, e.g. http://IPADDRESS/Citrix/Citrix/StoreWeb/ (the user logging in needs to be configured in a Citrix delivery group).

Note that the live boot doesn't store installation persistently; i.e. if you power down the thin client, the installation of Citrix Receiver needs to be repeated on the next boot.

Testing Citrix HDX compatibility

The testing procedures are outlined in great detail in the document XenDesktop7.x_HDXReady_TestKit_Nov2014.pdf from the test kit. The following tests should be performed:

  • HDX1 (USB devices)
  • HDX2 (2D Graphics)
  • HDX3 (Voice) (To enable microphone support, please refer to this bug
  • HDX4 (Video Playback Flash server)
  • HDX5 (Video Playback Windows Media server)
  • HDX6 (Universal printer driver)

The HDX7 test only applies to Windows and is not relevant.

The other tests are optional and only relevant for the HDX Ready Premium certification:

Note that HDX-P4 currently only functions with UCC 1.0; the Citrix Receiver is not yet compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 (which is the base for UCC 2.0).

For the setup of the Flash HDX-P3 please refer to the UCC manual.

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