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Univention App Center is the simpliest form to install applications on Univention Corporate Server (UCS). In the UCS management system it is the first entry point for their installation. Furthermore, an app can enable a connection between a Cloud service and the local IT infrastructure to provide the service with local data like user account information and avoid double administrative efforts.

This article mainly aims at software vendors that want to provide their software in Univention App Center and describes the necessary steps.

A catalogue with the available applications can be viewed on the Univention website.


In order to provide a business solution in Univention App Center, some technical steps have to be run through. The requirements have to be met and the solution must be available as a package in the so-called Debian package format. The approach can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Sign vendor agreement (includes details about updates, support and package integration)
  2. Package the business solution in a standardized format: deb(ian) or Univention carries out the task. If the business solution can not be installed on a UCS system (e.g. for Cloud based solutions), a wizard can be created that takes care of the connection and synchronization between the local IT infrastructure and the Cloud service.
  3. Test and approval of the app for the App Center and product certification for Univention Corporate Server
  4. Participate in the new sales channel!

The step-by-step approach is described in the App Tutorial. The technical details and notes for the implementation can be found in the developer reference.

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Feedback and suggestions

Feedback and suggestions for Univention App Center can be provided via our feedback form. Ideas and wishes for new apps can be handed in via Vote for app.

You have a solution you want to provide in the App Center? Please tell us and we'll get in contact with you.

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